Type a number or a Roman numeral:

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  • The cardinal, ordinal, partitive, multiplicative, collective text is shown and its Roman numeral and more... corresponding to the written number.
  • Write a number without comma or decimal point for the thousands or millions:     13289 53625999567 -345676
  • You can separate the thousands or millions with a blank space:     13 289 53 625 999 567 -345 676
  • In decimal, you can use a decimal point or a comma:     12.58 45,78997 -47.2 -98,712
  • Your can write fractions with the bar:     3/4 78/125 -3/4 78/-125
  • In scientific notation, you can use the letter E without spaces:     2,4E10 5E-3 -2,4E10 -5.23E-3
  • For Roman numeral, you can write in capital letter all symbols:     DLVI IX XXXVI